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*New acceptance period until November 30, 2017 Additional reservation acceptance period until December 17, 2017 (for boarding on Dec. 20)
In 2018 application will be accepted from January 9
Travel Japan by sea! Our ferries can offer you an unforgettable trip at a very reasonable price!
Marine transportation is very important for an island country like Japan. Many types of ships such as cargo ships and ferries connect islands to each other and carry people, cargos and vehicles. Of those ferries, those that travel a distance of over 200 km each way is called the Long Course Ferry.
Now, 14 Long Course Ferries are in service. The shortest one is of 12 hours/211 km, and the longest one is of 40 hours/1330 km.They are also called “Car ferries” because of sailing during the night, having function of cargo ships to carry vehicles, in addition to, they have cabins and restaurants like cruise ships. Long Course Ferries are faster than cruise ships because they carry cargos, but those cabins and facilities are as comfortable as luxury hotel so that you can spend a relaxing time.
One of the benefits of ferries is that their fares are less than other transportation such as airplanes and trains, though the accommodation is included in the fare. Long Course Ferries are the only night owl service in Japan besides luxury trains (“Cruise Trains”) like the “Nanatsuboshi in Kyushu” and some overnight buses.
After getting a good rest in your room, on arriving at the port you can go to your desired destination by public transportation or rental car (or ride on a bicycle if you are fully charged for the day). Our ferries can offer you a relaxing and smooth journey at a reasonable price.
Our Long Course Ferries offer various rooms which you can choose according to your preference and the number of companions you travel with. With the Japan Ferry Pass 21 you can only reserve second-class cabins, but you can change the room to that of a higher class by paying the difference.

●Almost all the facilities in the ferry are free.
Japanese style public bath, sauna, kid’s room, observation lounge, lounge (where you can enjoy live concerts and movies), observation room, etc.
●Other facilities
Shops (all daily items can be purchased here), cafés and bars.
●Food (not free)
Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served at the cafeteria, where you can choose your favorite from a wide variety of menu all offered at a fixed price. There are also eat-in areas where you can buy food from food vending machines and eat it there. Some ferries offer “Cruising lunch & dinner”, a set of deluxe cuisine.

Want to see more of the onboard equipment? ↓

You can see the inside of the ship with a video

Japan Long Course Ferry Service Association.
As of October 2017, 8 of long course ferry companies are member of the Japan Long Course Ferry Service Association.
How to use the Japan Ferry Pass 21
Qualifications for using the Japan Ferry Pass 21

Japan Ferry Pass 21 (or simply “the pass”) is only available to non-Japanese people who visit Japan as “tourists”.
Board up to 6 times for 21 days

The pass is valid for 21 days (including the day the pass was issued). You can use the pass up to 6 times within the valid period.

Registration and reservation online

Please make a reservation from the website of Japan Ferry Pass 21 which can be found in Japan Long Course Ferry Service Association's homepage. You can make reservation 3 or more days before you want to board a ferry.

Receiving reservations

An e-mail confirming your provisional reservation with your registration number will be sent automatically. After that, the ferry company you chose will sent you whether or not they can accept your reservation via e-mail. Your reservation is completed. If you want to cancel or make any changes in your reservation, cancel the current one and make a new reservation in the same manner.

Purchase your pass at the ticket counter

Please show your reservation number written in the e-mail sent by the ferry company and the passport of all members at the ticket counter. You will also be required to fill in a small registration form at the port's counter. We only accept Japanese Yen in cash. Please always carry your pass issued at the ticket counter. From the next time, you can make your reservation and purchase your boarding ticket in the same manner. For more details on how to make a reservation, please seehere.