【please note】 The registration number written in the confirmation mail that is sent after you complete your reservation online and the reservation number written in the confirmation mail sent by the ferry company responsible for your trip is NOT the same. Please keep both until your trip is over.

What are the qualifications for using Japan Ferry Pass 21?
Japan Ferry Pass 21 is only available to non-Japanese people who visit Japan as “tourists”. We do not issue the pass to those whose status of residence is not the above-mentioned (e.g. “trainee”, “entertainer”, “reentry”). 。
How do I make my reservation?
Please register and make a reservation on the website of Japan Ferry Pass 21 which can be found in Long Course Ferry Service Association's homepage. The reservation must be done 5 or more days before the boarding day. For example, if you want to board on Tuesday, you must complete your reservation by Thursday. For a reservation of more than 2 persons, please reserve under the name of the group’s representative. For a reservation of more than 4 persons, please divide it into two times and reserve separately. If the group is planning to split during the trip, a new reservation shall be made for each of the newly formed group.

1. Select one from the following 3 tabs: new registration, additional booking, booking cancellation
  • ・If you make a reservation at the first time, click the “To the reservation” red button. Select a place of destination and departure date, and click the confirmation button. An application form will show up. Please enter the following: name, nationality sex, age of all passengers, phone number, and email address of a representative. Once your registration is complete, a mail confirming provisional reservation that contains your registration number will be sent automatically. Your registration number will also be printed on your Japan Ferry Pass. We recommend you to remember it or write it down on a different place in case you lose it because we cannot re-issue it. You will need the registration number when you want to make additional reservations or cancellations from our homepage.
  • ・After that, an e-mail confirming your reservation from the ferry company responsible for your trip will also be sent. This e-mail includes your booking number. And the process is complete.
  • ・For next time on, you have to enter your registration number and e-mail address which you registered.
  • ・If you want to cancel or make changes in your reservation, please go to the cancellation page. You can make changes by cancelling your current reservation and making a new one. You can cancel multiple reservations at once. There are no limits to cancellation. Make a new reservation whenever you want.
  • ・If you could not cancel on time or in case of emergency, please contact the ferry company by its phone number or e-mail address written in the confirmation mail.
How do I get my Japan Ferry Pass?
Please present the reservation number issued by the ferry company and the passport of all members at the port’s counter on the boarding day and purchase the Ferry Pass. You will also be asked to fill in a small registration form here. We only accept cash (Japanese yen only). We do not accept any other payment methods.
The ferry pass will not be issued if there is no presentation of your passport as we cannot confirm the individual’s status of residence.
During busy hours, the counter will be crowded and it takes time to issue the pass. We recommend you to be at the port at least an hour before the departure time..

Can I upgrade my room to that of higher class?
The Japan Ferry Pass 21 is only for second-class cabins. You can change the room by paying the difference at the port’s counter or the information center inside the ferry. The change can only be made when there is a vacant room. For those riding the Ferry Sunflower and want a room change, please register at the port’s counter. We only accept cash (Japanese yen). We do not accept any other payment methods.
Are Japanese style public bath and other facilities in the ferry free?
Almost all the facilities in the ferry are free. Public facilities such as Japanese style public bath, sauna, kid’s room, and observation lounge are all free. Food is served at the restaurant, eat-in areas and cafés. Food is not free.
Food is served in many styles; buffet of Japanese, Western and Chinese food, cafeteria and so on. The style varies according to the ferry so please check each ferry company’s website. A “drink bar” (free refill, all you can drink) is also available. We serve a variety of dishes of seasonal tastes. Enjoy your favorite dish with the beautiful sea beside you! Alcoholic beverage is not free.
How can I get more information?
For any questions or support, please go to the ferry’s reception or ferry’s information center. Boarding reception, room changes and a tour inside the ferry are also done here. If you have any questions, please ask staff.
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