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■New Registration and Reservation
If this is the first time using our ferry, When you would like to make a ferry reservation for the first time, please click this “To the reservation” red button. It takes you to the first voyage!
■Additional Reservation
For next time on, click the “Add a reservation” button below.
*If person of your group does/do not board a ferry for second or more time, click “I do not ride this time” button for each reservation which you made.
■Cancel a reservation
You can cancel a reservation any time before your boarding. Click the “Cancel” orange button below.

【Handling of personal information】 We, Japan Ferry Pass Administrative Office and Japan Long Course Ferry Association, will use personal information obtained by our website used only for smooth operation such as making reservation, providing important information about the ferry services in an appropriate manner.
We will not disclose or provide personal customer information to a third party without the consent of each customer, unless required by laws and regulations.

Pleaee choose and Click the port of departure
where you want to start your trip!
port of embarkation:
Destinations Shibushi - Osaka
Departure day


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●Route name:Shibushi - Osaka
●Company:Ferry Sunflower
●In-service boat:Sunflower Satsuma / Sunflower Kirishima
●Room name:Tourist (Berth)
●Access to a harbor:Link to HP