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The Japan Long Course Ferry Service Association is announcing the launch of “Japan Ferry Pass 21”
for foreign short-term tourists to Japan, which can be used up to 6 times for 21 days.
For details, please see here.

The long distance Ferry plies 14 route from Hokkaido to Kyushu.
Metropolitan areas are from Tokyo to Tokushima through Kitakyushu and Ibaraki prefecture Oarai to Hokkaido route; from Nagoya around Sendai through Tomakomai higashi' is one route; from Osaka & Kobe there are 7 routes to the Kyushu area. On the Japan seaside the cities of Maizuru, Tsuruga, Niigata, Akita, Otaru are connected four routes. Altogether there are 14 long distance Ferry routes.

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kobe-shinmoji osaka-shibushi kobe-oita osaka-beppu izumiotsu-shinmoji osaka-shinmoji kobe-miyazaki tokyo-kitakyushu oarai-tomakomai nagoya-tomakomai tsuruga-niigata-akita-tomakomaihigasi tsuruga-tomakomaihigashi niigata-otaru maizuru-otaru